Goodbye Lislow

Just writing to say that I wont be using this blog anymore. But no worry, just check my new one out!


My thank you's so far

Thank You

Brooke Stevenson of Australia
Linn Edfeldt, Linda Taube & Johan Otterdahl all of Sweden

Suzi Draper of Australia

Sophie Hamberg of Sweden
Nadja Asp of Sweden

Lara Money of England
Ronja Larsson of Sweden

I am you truly grateful for helping me on the cause to leave the most invisible footprints I possibly can.
Do you also want to contribute?
Please visit Nomads of Mongolia


Mongolia and leaving

It has been a few very interesting days leading up to this point, two days before I leave for Mongolia. Tim is leaving on his big Great Pacific Shame Odyssey today (www.timsilverwood.com) and is frantically packing his bags at this very moment. I am sitting back, waiting for the chaos to ease before I step in to pack up my mess.
We have had a few beautiful and memorable Goodbye Australia days, with surfing, horse riding, sailing and socialising, all in the sun. A film crew from California came over to do a short documentary on Tim and we have been taking them around the small stretch of coast between Terrigal and Lake Macquarie since Friday. It’s always fun to show foreigners ‘your’ country and watching their expressions when having dolphins jumping around the sailing boat, when driving through gum tree dressed roads and when surfing almost empty beaches made me feel a bit sad leaving this rich country.
But my adventure awaits me and I am very excited to experience something I’ve never experienced before. Firstly, to travel with four other girls is something I’ve never done before and it is a bit nerve-racking, but we will make it work I’m sure! Secondly, seeing images of what the nomads normally eat is even more worrying, I mean, I’ve been told that they eat everything but the stomach of animals before, but seeing photos…gulp… makes the conception of it a bit more ‘in your face’. And having to pack for both Mongolia and Sweden under 20kg, is a struggle!!
Thank you to everyone who have helped me raise $310 for my journey here on Indiegogo, and also to everyone who donated enough for one packhorse at the fundraising night at Salawi.com.au the other week and Thanks to my parents who have helped me with all the security things I need to get and think about. Travelling to Mongolia, renting a horse and gear is the easy option, it might even be cheaper than to buy a horse, but I still feel that I want to contribute a lot more to the people who will open up there Gers for us, who will keep us awake with their throat singing, who will kindly give up their delicate boiled goats eye balls for their guests… I want to give back to them what they treasure the most – a horse. 
I have seen communities that have been used and changed by tourists, I have seen communities that look on tourists as an open-for-all-wallet, and I don’t want to leave footprints like this when I travel. I want to join the culture, live it and give back to it. But at this moment, this is something I cannot afford and I am still looking for help to buy these horses. One horse cost between $100 - $500, a saddle about the same. If you feel that culture and traditions are important to you and you have something to spare, please help me achieve this by donating little or more on following link http://www.indiegogo.com/Nomads-of-Mongolia
I have found a film camera from 1974 that I will bring along with me, the lack of electricity in Mongolia has helped me realise that going back in time in the way of living also means I should go back in time in the way of shooting.  Although film is a lot pricier, I am looking forward to the results I will get. Perhaps your donation will be rewarded with a photograph taken with this camera. Or if you feel that you don’t want to donate money to this cause, maybe you’ve got the time and equipment to help me with printing and development once I’m back and ready to set up an exhibition.  Or maybe you just want to wish me good luck.
Whatever you choose and whoever you are, I’m thanking you and am hoping to see you soon.

Lisa Lowenborg


Make a difference, TAKE 3 next time you're leaving the beach!

Take 3 - A Clean Beach Initiative - short promo from Take 3 on Vimeo.

Also check out timsilverwood.com for more of his stuff and support him in his odyssey to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch! Yeeew! 

Too much spare time browsing the web..? Take the opportunity to learn more about TAKE 3 :) 


its been a while. 
two months six day and a couple of hours.
I will start again with a first attempt of Bokeh.


Ladies & Gents...

Going through photos for the exhibition i was looking for something more pattern like.. The nature of the exi is traveling and faces of places, but a few of the frames just really need a pattern more so than a face. So, browsing the catalouge I stumbled across these old photos from a quick visit in Singapore, not for exhibition use, but thought I'd share them with you. Cheers.


Photo Exhibition....

So, we're having an exhibition.. Don't really know how this happened but it did and now it's a week to go and we've done less than half of what we need to do...

It's hard to look at your own photos and see that other people might like them, even buy them. I've been told of many that they would love some of photos on their walls, but I still can't see it, feel it. And now, I'm gonna expose myself and my photos to the public. I'm slightly nervous. Next Saturday, I'll be even more so. 

Going through the photos over and over again hasn't made it easier to decide which goes where. It has made it harder. They have lost their appeal, being viewed too many times. Standing still for two long though, we have come to this cross road, and i think we're actually crossing it quite well with some, finally, creative ideas and thoughts. Experimenting with chemicals, glue, wood, paper, etc. we have started to work towards Saturday! 


Little Tim

photo by Tim

So, Tim is away. On new adventures without me. 
He had a vision, he decided to go for it, he invested and he worked and now he's there. Seeing things not many would see and meeting people so great not many can compare. 
He is now shooting a short documentary in Thailand about ethical tourism. I am pretty sure he will write about on his blog when he gets back, but for now, check out what's there already!


Dance for me...

When young and unaffected by others opinions I used to dance with horses. 
You create a special bond where both human and horse leave everything else and sees only the other. You leave all physical connections and instead communicate with your eyes, body and mind. When fulfilled, your movements will become one. 

I haven't done this since I last had horses around me and now, having the opportunity to ride and handle this beautiful stallion I managed to enter my young mind and once more disappear in the dance. 


I saw "Jamie Oliver does Stockholm" last night. They picked mushrooms and cooked them on a fire with beautiful & fresh ingredients and walked through fields of blueberries. Natural berries, herbs, roots etc. are the best! I live in a country now where a lot (!) is poisonous, where people have learnt by trial and error. If you cook this berry three times and then leave it for one day and then cook it again before you eat it you wont die. Seeing Jamie in the forest made me miss summer breakfasts, handpicked berries and homemade granola. "Smultron" - Wild Strawberries are part of the Swedish dream. Pippi Longstockings has made them into a-something-you-have-to-do-every-summer-thing and they are the best. Squat in the grass, line them on a straw, sit down in the sun and enjoy!


And now I've been tried by one of these...

Worse than a wasp, pain from finger tip to elbow, itchy as a lunatic.
Do I have to tell you he suffered an aggressive death just after the incident?!


Fly porn.

Playing in the bored

Its just me and the night. But i am scared and I pull out my hand shaped gun. Staying close to the wall, sea gulls are the only thing I see. At 00:00 the lights goes off and I run back home.